2Physical Mediumship

For over sixty years the spirit world have been knocking at my door. It started when I was four years old. I was shown a vision of a wonderful place maybe on the earth plain maybe it was the other side of life. The image is still with me today.

Through the years I have had a lot of unexplained phenomena going on around me, sometimes working as a mental medium I and the audience experience physical phenomena. So I have, at long last began sitting for Physical Mediumship, something I have been trying to put together for nearly three years, and the spirit world haven't let us down, the results so far are good. As things progress I shall write them down on this page.

The people in the photos along with many others were the pioneers of Spiritualism, and some of the greatest physical, deep trance and materialisation mediums. I am sure they wouldn't mind me sharing their photos with you.

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Alex & the orbs