Had a great week in Eastbourne, some great physical mediumship dems and a lot of evidence. I recieved a mysterious burn on my hip after being handed the seance trumpet by spirit from the cabinet anyone any idea how this could have happened?

A lot has happened over the past few weeks. I have been regressed, we have had lots of activity in circle physical phenomena occurs at every sitting.

As for the regression I was taken back to the year 1281 this is strange because while I was in Rendlesham Forest I heard what can only be described as a battle and it was from that era, this I heard twice in one evening.

I was also a soldier in the U.S. Army, a woman from the 17th Century. A very interesting experience hopefully I will get the chance to be regressed again. Watch this space.

England 2013 but more like 1613

The UK government wants to ban all esoteric sites on the internet

they include Spiritualism, Mediumship, Paganism etc

Christine and myself have been sitting for spirit for a while, individually for many years.A lot has happened over the last few months, raps, taps, loud knocking, poked, prodded.

Last night however, was for me the most wonderful experience ever. When working platform I see spirit communicators objectively (solid). Last night sitting in the cabinet, which was open many mediums of the past showed themselves subjectively (minds eye) most I believe were while on the earth plain physical mediums. One after the other. 

Was this my imagination, no, was I thinking about them, no. I have previously asked those mediums, the pioneers if they could help my development, last night they came out in force. A truly wonderful and emotional experience. Those who know me and have seen me work know I am honest and passionate about what I do and would never make things up, no point in doing that. I just feel I needed to share this with you.

Christine has her own experiences with the spirit communicators which I am sure she will share with the group.

For sure the activity both during and after the sitting was fantastic.

This could be a witch near you

You do not need to go to a spiritualist church to be a spiritual being. You do not need to meditate, open chakras or perform any other rituals to connect with spirit. Spirit will connect with you, open you mind.