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About- Alex aka the maverick medium

I am a working medium, serving churches and spiritual centres in London,Essex, East Anglia. I also give group readings. My job as a spiritual medium is to prove the survival of the soul after the physical body has expired.

I am not a fortune teller, although I sometimes get a glimpse of coming events, I am here to give proof of life after life and to comfort those left behind.

I was born a natural medium otherwise known as a sensitive. I have been interacting with the spirit world for many years. At the age of four I was shown by Spirit a vision which I interpreted as heaven.Since then I have experienced a plethora of paranormal activities. In 2004 Spirit decided to use me as a full time channel for their work. I am a fully insured healer.

I belong to the Spiritual Workers Association and am an official Member of the Guild of Spiritual Workers.

Why the Maverick medium? Because I do things my and spirits way. I don't conform to man made rules and regulations. A free spiritworker. I was told by a medium that's what I would be and that medium has been proven right. As well as evidence from spirit I entertain the audience, hence a comedian. I give talks about the spirit and interdimensional worlds, in fact anything paranormal.

I am also a musician and writer the music on this site was recorded by myself, playing all instruments, it`s a lot less hassle working alone.

Music can be purchased through itunes and other internet music suppliers. At the moment there are two albums, A Touch of Blues by No Hard Feelings, also Chill & Relax by Al Lovelock, a bit more laid back suitable for relaxation.